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Selfhosting your own cloud and web services is so satisfying, but it's also very time consuming, and dangerous. With Cosmos, take the chore out of selfhosting, with automated maintenance and fully secured setup out of the box. It even integrates to your existing setup.


How does Cosmos protect me?

Cosmos has a strong focus on security. Even if you already manage your server differently, integrating Cosmos will give you many benefits:


Exclusive technology dedicated to keeping selfhosted applications safe from hackers and bots (learn more).

Anti-Bot, Anti-DDOS

Share links with your others without fear, even in case of attacks Cosmos mitigate the traffic to priorise you and your family.


Protect all your self-hosted application behind an SSO with multiple users, privileges and customizations.

Modern Security

Cosmos uses latest best practices in term of security, top grade EdDSA encryption, 2FA, and more.


Docker is very insecure by design. Cosmos changes this by enforcing strong security in your setup


Cosmos uses a VPN so that your server is never exposed to the internet, and you can safely access it from anywhere.

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